The Bruno Smartcan Wants to Add a Vacuum to Your Trash Can

updated May 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Bruno Smartcan)

We love technology and the myriad ways it makes our lives better, but sometimes we’re on the fence about some of these new smart home innovations. Sure it might save you a few seconds or just feel very futuristic, but is it really necessary?

Some products just answer that question with a resounding yes. Meet Bruno, the trash can with a vacuum that connects to your smartphone. Yes, you can now receive push notifications from your trash can. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s focus on the vacuum — the real star of this fancy trash can.

(Image credit: Bruno Smartcan)

The Pitch: A Smarter Trash Can with a Built-in Vacuum

Okay, so what makes a trash can “smart”? If you ask us, it’s the fact that Bruno comes with a built-in vacuum. Why? So you can ditch your dustpan. Imagine never having to worry about that last little line of dirt that you can never actually sweep into the dustpan again. Thanks to Bruno, you might be able to forget all about it.

The indentation on the bottom of the trash can houses an integrated vacuum so you can sweep your dust and dirt right into it, no dustpan required. Once Bruno sucks up your dust from sweeping, it then deposits it directly in your trash can.

We think that’s pretty genius, but that’s not all that Bruno does to earn its “smartcan” moniker.

(Image credit: Bruno Smartcan)

Do We Really Want a WiFi-Enabled Trashcan?

Bruno is also the first WiFi-enabled trash can that comes with an app. This is where we start to get a little skeptical about whether or not smart home technology has jumped the shark or not.

The Bruno app has two features. First, it can alert you when you’re running low on trash bags, and let you order them directly from the app. The one drawback to this feature is that you’ll have to use the special trash bags designed and sold by the company behind Bruno. And we’re guessing you won’t be able to find those at Target anytime soon.

Second, the Bruno app will send you a reminder when it’s trash day. This is a great idea, but we’re not sure it necessitates an app. Most smartphones come with reminder apps, and you can easily set a reminder for trash day. In fact, take a break right now and set a reminder on your phone. Easy.

With just those two features, we’re unconvinced that Bruno needs an app or to be connected to WiFi. It’s the vacuum that really steals the show for us.

(Image credit: Bruno Smartcan)

If you support Bruno on Kickstarter, you’ll wind up spending at least $159 to get one of the smartcans. You can choose from the five colors shown above and expect to get your trash can before the end of the year.

This is definitely a project we’ll be keeping our eyes on. We’d love to know how powerful the vacuum is and whether or not it really can suck up every last bit of dirt you sweep its way.

Watch the Bruno Smartcan Kickstarter video to hear from the founders:

What Will It Take to Make the Bruno Smartcan a Reality?

Tell us, would you use a smart trash can? How much would you be willing to pay for it?