The British Version of Kinfolk: Cereal

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do you love Kinfolk? Then you’re going to love Cereal. It’s basically the British version of Kinfolk, but with a travel focus.

Truthfully, I was actually astounded how similar the two journals look, from the website design to the layout and photos. I haven’t thumbed through Cereal in person, since their inaugural issue is sold out. (They’re a quarterly publication.) But here’s what you can expect should you decide to subscribe:

What is Cereal? Foremost, it’s a magazine rooted in our passions – for food, for travel. And for books too, with all the wonderful things they can teach us. Isn’t every day better when you learn something new? We believe that the enjoyment of food and travel are two significant elements of a good life, and more and more of us are in a position to enjoy both on a fairly regular basis now – so much so, that knowing what to experience first can be daunting at times.

This is where we come in. Each quarterly issue of Cereal will contain detailed expositions of edible topics, travel destinations, as well as profiles on products, people and places – chosen because they’re relevant, interesting, or have simply caught our attention. Because we adore books and their inherent ability to teach, we have structured our magazine as one. Each topic is treated as a chapter, often featuring various articles within it (including a bibliography, when applicable).

Anyone had a chance to check out Cereal in person? You can see more of their content and style on their blog and Pinterest page.

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(Images: Cereal, Vol. 1 via Pinterest)