The British Are Here: Fresh & Easy Opens

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Trader Joe’s meets Ralphs is how the LA Times describes the new Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets now open in California and Nevada. They will open in Arizona on December 5.

The markets, run by British supermarket giant Tesco, are winning kudos for their green design and wide selection. la.foodblogging is considering breaking up with Trader Joe’s in favor of the Fresh & Easy, but this maven sees too many empty shelves.

We’re wondering what Kitchen readers think. Anyone out West with an opinion about these stores? Post a comment here or email chris AT apartmenttherapy DOT com if you’d like to write a guest post about the new chain.

Retail analyst Nicholas White says Fresh & Easy has “combined low price, quality ingredients, easy to prepare, healthy food, into one offer that will appeal to time starved consumers. If true it means they will have jumped years ahead of their US competitors.” He found that Fresh & Easy is a restaurant-like grocery store. We’re seeing the trend of melding restaurants and markets here in New York City too.


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