The Breakfast Quandary: 10 Quick Ideas for Thanksgiving Morning

(Image credit: Megan Gordon)

The last thing anyone wants to think about come Thanksgiving Day is what to do for breakfast. You’ve got enough on your mind. But the truth of the matter is that many of us have family staying with us, and breakfast becomes a very real consideration. So we gathered together a few quick, last-minute ideas for the big day.

Because so many folks eat Thanksgiving dinner early, setting out more of a breakfast buffet where people can help themselves is always a good approach. Plus, there’s simply not enough time (or oven space!) to prepare a true, hot breakfast. Here are a few favorite approaches from The Kitchn and beyond. We’d love to hear what you make Thanksgiving morning!

Quick Thanksgiving Morning Breakfast Ideas

1. Toast, Jam and Butter: This is as simple as it gets, but if you have a few different kinds of breads, english muffins, and seasonal jam, this can really hit the spot for a light holiday breakfast.
2. Simple Make-Ahead Scones: Scones are fantastic because they’re as simple as working butter into flour with a few other minor ingredients and popping them in the oven. We like these fresh cranberry scones.
3. Savory Polenta Bar: In keeping with the theme of folks serving themselves, how about making a big pot of simple polenta and setting out a few sweet or savory toppings?
4. Deluxe Steel-Cut Oats: While it has an unglamorous reputation, steel-cut oats in the morning are satisfying and nutritious — a good way to start what can often be an overindulgent holiday. You could cook them the night before to save on time, or even tackle them in the crock-pot this year so company can wander in and serve themselves as they please.
5. Good ol’ Bagels and Cream Cheese: Always a crowd-pleaser, bagels and cream cheese give you the chance to let someone else do the breakfast this year.
6. Big Fruit Salad and Yogurts: This is often a favorite because it’s lighter but yet has a hit of protein from the yogurt. Think about preparing a seasonal fruit salad with citrus, pears and pomegranate seeds: a welcome pop of color and fresh start to the day.
7. Eggs: How about a quick veggie scramble? Or slow-scrambled eggs with slices of baguette?
8. Pancakes: The great thing about pancakes is that you can make the dry-mix ahead of time, so in the morning you’re simply adding buttermilk, butter and an egg and quickly cooking them up. Try these cranberry pancakes for a festive twist.
9. Grab-and-Go: There’s something appealing about portable breakfast options on Thanksgiving morning because there’s a whole lot going on. Kids are often running throughout the house, there are last-minute errands to do, dogs to walk. So we love these granola bars or these quick zucchini muffins.
10. Waffles: Overnight waffles are a great choice for a meal that you can do largely ahead but that still feels a more special than cold cereal or oats. This yeasted version has to sit overnight, so the next morning all you’re doing is plugging in the waffle-maker and pouring in batter.

(Image: Megan Gordon)