The Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces

2010_06_22-Book.jpgHave you had a chance to check out Maxwell’s new book yet? We wanted to point it out here as you may not realize that it contains a plethora of kitchens — and they’re all super-small and super-chic!

This is the best Apartment Therapy book yet, and it’s full of inspiration for small homes and small kitchens, like the dramatic yet tiny kitchen pictured to the left.

TODAY’S UPDATE: Book signing party next week in Chicago! Join us at Ligne Roset to meet Maxwell and get your book signed. All info is right here.

• 6.14.10: A great review from Violette on Amazon:
“My husband and I moved to a small rural home after living large in a big suburban home for many years. Holy cow! It was really hard to cope with a 1200′ downsize. This book, although written with apartment living in mind, lent some excellent ideas about arranging furniture, displaying art and precious family items–and all important, storage. This book is more useful than the “not so large home” books, which are often about homes that are really quite spacious.”
• 6.1.10: We’re three weeks out of the gate and still racking up really nice mentions for our Big Book. Today we were highighted in the Daily Candy email as one of their top summer must reads…
Look! The Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces Party
Final Sneak Peek: The Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces
Sneak Peek 3: The Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces