The Most Brilliant Ways to Organize All Your Cookie Cutters

updated Jun 9, 2019
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(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Cookie cutters are cute, but annoying to store. They don’t stack, they’re never the same shape, they’re rigid, and they’re all sorts of different sizes. A pain! How to deal with cookie cutter clutter? First, try saying that five times fast! Then, check out some of the brilliant ways people have come up with to store them.

(Image credit: The Kitchn)

1. In a cookie jar

If they’re good enough for cookies, they’re good enough for cookie cutters! Use a big, clear one the way Haeley, the blogger behind Design Improvised, did.

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(Image credit: Devon Jarvis)

2. On a pegboard

Pegboards are great for cookie cutters because the hooks are deep enough to store a few at a time, and you can space them out to accommodate both big and small ones.

(Image credit: From House 2 Home)

3. In a drawer with a pegboard

If you don’t have wall space but you do have drawer space, set a pegboard inside your drawer, then use actual pegs to hold your cookie cutters in place. Wanda, the blogger behind From House 2 Home, says it’s super easy.

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

4. In clear bins

Believe it or not, companies still make Media Boxes ($10 each at The Container Store) and some people, including our Editor, Faith, still buy them! Faith uses them for cookie cutters and baking supplies and likes that they come with dividers to separate her cutters by theme. Of course, you could use clear plastic shoe boxes, too.

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5. On a paper towel holder

If you only have a dozen or so, you should be able to stack them up along the pole of a paper towel holder. Stash it on a shelf when it’s not cookie season and pull it out when it’s time to bake.

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(Image credit: My Cup Runneth Over)

6. As wall art

Cheryl from My Cup Runneth Over was about to put her cookie cutters away when she realized they were too pretty to hide. Instead, she added a piece of fabric-wrapped cork to a frame and used pins to hold up her cutters. It’s nice and temporary, so she can pull off each one as she needs it.

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(Image credit: My Lovely Things)

7. In a cloche

Anna of the blog My Lovely Things made her cookie cutters look like vintage artifacts. Just tip the whole thing upside down when you need to dig one out.

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(Image credit: Ella Claire Inspired)

8. Hung on ribbon

Kristen, of Ella Claire Inspired, found that seasonal cookie cutters look pretty festive when strung from decorative ribbon.

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(Image credit: The Rosemary House)

9. In zip-top bags

As long as they’re categorized and labeled, heavy-duty zip-top bags will hold cookie cutters well when you toss them into a bin. Even if you have as many cookie cutters as this pic from Rosemary’s Sampler, you’ll still love the organization this system offers.

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How do you organize your cookie cutters?