The Best Ways to Remember Your Lunch in the Morning

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A certain person in my household has a rather hard time remembering his lunch in the morning. He will leave it on the entryway table while picking up his keys, and then I’ll get a rather sad call an hour later, asking me to return it to the refrigerator. I rib him about this, but I’d love to just solve the problem, for his sake! So I turned to The Kitchn’s Twitter friends (do you follow us?) and asked them: What is the very best way to remember one’s lovingly home-packed lunch in the morning? Here’s what they had to say!

The Best Ways to Remember Your Lunch in the Morning

Put your keys in the fridge!

MarriedWDinner says, “I put my keys in the fridge with my lunch. can’t get far without them!” This is was by far the most popular reply, coming from many of our Twitter friends, including indymavs, p_duddy, and ShandonCourt. bmorecatlover said, “Put your keys on top of your lunch, whether it’s in the fridge or not.”

TwoTartsBlog and OnTheMenu took it one step beyond, however, and said, “Remember your lunch by putting your keys in your lunch box,” and “Put your car keys in the lunch bag!” (That might help my husband the most!)

There were other ideas, too, like:

Stick a Post-It note on the front door.

This idea also came from a few people, like MarieAlixSaint, , and local_kitchen, who said, “Leave sticky w/ LUNCH! on back of front door; leave room-temp portion of lunch in obvious spot on kitchen counter.”

BoulderLocavore says, “Large neon post it notes everywhere: fridge, door to car, on steering wheel. Put car keys with it!” stacyblue concurs and says, “Post-It note on the door/car keys. Or I pack my lunch first, leave it on top of my bag, then get ready to go.”

MangoTomato is a little more high-tech; she says, “I put a post it note on my phone the night before to remind myself of things to bring to work in the morning including lunch.”

LostNCheeseland uses this idea but makes it even cuter: “Write notes on a cute chalkboard that can be hung in your kitchen reminding you to prepare it the night before!”

Kay819 says, “Sometimes I put my empty lunch bag next to my purse so I’ll see it and remember to bring my lunch!”

Get help!

My favorite tip, though, had to be this sweet one from cucinagirl, who said, “A husband who puts it on the counter by your purse. :)” staceyviera also said, “A wife who guilt-trips you if u forget it is effective.”

What is your favorite way to remember your lunch on the way out the door? Do you resort to one of these methods, or do you have another trick?

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