Why Cute Ceramic Egg Holders Are a Waste of Money

updated May 1, 2019
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As much as it pains me to say this, you actually do not need one of those adorable egg holders. I know, they look cute in the fridge or sitting out on your counter as you whip up baked goods, but they’re unnecessary and you already have the perfect thing to hold your eggs.

What’s that? The original carton they came in!

The best way to store eggs is to keep them in their carton, according to the American Egg Board. There are three very good reasons, too.

1. The cartons guard against breakage.

It’s very hard to knock an egg out of a closed carton and onto the floor. And even if you knock the entire carton off a shelf in the fridge, the eggs will most likely survive the fall. The same cannot be said about those little holders.

2. The cartons keep the eggs fresh.

The cartons also prevent eggs from absorbing strong odors and flavors of other foods in your fridge. (Trust us: No one wants a pizza-flavored scrambled egg.) The cartons also help prevent the loss of carbon dioxide and moisture, both of which are key for better egg quality. Plus, the carton has that whole “best before” date stamp that ceramic holders do not.

3. The cartons keep eggs in the right position.

When eggs are put in a carton, they’re placed with the larger end up. This helps the yolk remain centered and away from the air pocket inside the egg, which in turn helps with freshness. If you go through the trouble of moving the eggs, there’s a chance you’ll replace them incorrectly.

Where should the egg carton go? On a middle or lower shelf where the temperature will fluctuate less than on the door.

Sorry to deliver the bad news. If you really want one, you could still get one to hold, say, paperclips and thumbtacks on your office desk.

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