Look at the Prettiest Drawers to Ever Exist in a Kitchen!

published Jul 24, 2017
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(Image credit: Goluba Kitchen)

We’re big fans of drawers — instead of lower cabinets — in the kitchen. They often result in more storage space, and they make it easy to see all the contents. (And they’re just an unexpected thing to find, as most kitchens have one drawer and then a cabinet — not a row of drawers.)

So you can imagine how excited we got when we saw this kitchen, belonging to Anya Kassoff, the blogger behind Golubka Kitchen. Just look at those drawers! For starters, they’re drawers! They’re also made out of vintage fruit crates, making them the perfect place to store all sorts of farmers market finds.

(Image credit: Goluba Kitchen)

“We’ve been living in our home for 15 years now and, up until this fall, we had never put a hammer or paintbrush to anything in the house except for our daughter’s baby room, right before she was born,” says Anya. They inherited some classic ’90s design from the previous owners: shaggy red-and-white carpeting, stucco walls, green laminate countertops, and a low-hanging ceiling in the kitchen. And Anya knew it all had to go. They just weren’t ready (mentally or financially) for the project.

This fall, the long-overdue renovation included the kitchen and the living room. The standout feature? That spacious pantry, made out of vintage crates found at Schiller’s Salvage in Tampa, Florida. In true renovation fashion (nothing ever goes smoothly!), the crates were originally too long for the space, so the crew had to manually disassemble, shorten, and rebuild them. The crates were then mounted onto smoothly sliding tracks. With the countertop (old barn oak) in place, the area has become the most unique and functional space in the whole kitchen.

(Image credit: Golubka Kitchen)

“I cannot describe how much my heart sings when I come downstairs every morning and see this kitchen that finally feels so entirely mine,” Anya says.

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