The Best Way to Clean and Care for Wood Cutting Boards?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: Can you tell me the best way to clean and care for wood cutting boards? I am a newlywed now in charge of my own kitchen and I do not want to warp or ruin my beautiful new wood cutting boards.

Sent by Alethea

Editor: Wash wooden boards with a bit of soap, rinse in hot water, wipe clean, and allow to dry upright. For board maintenance: every few weeks generously sprinkle coarse salt over the surface of the board, rub it with a sliced lemon, then rinse well with hot water. If your cutting boards are made from butcher block, once a month apply a small amount of mineral oil or beeswax, rubbing with a lint-free cloth in the direction of the wood grain. (Walnut oil, almond oil, and pure tung oil are good alternatives, but stay away from olive or vegetable oils, as they turn rancid quickly.) Reapply until the wood stops absorbing the oil. Wipe off excess and dry board overnight.

Readers, how do you care for your wood cutting boards?