The Best Way to Buy Parchment Paper Is Not What You Think

updated May 1, 2019
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We use parchment paper for all sorts of things around here at Kitchn. We use it to make muffin liners, bake granola, line cake pans, make fish en papillote, and so much more.

Sometimes, though, we find parchment paper rolls to be way too annoying to deal with. For one, many boxes don’t come with the necessary serrated metal cutter (to make the box more easily recyclable) and we always end up with messy edges or ripping out too much at a time. Also, the parchment paper tends to keep its rolled-up shape once you finally do rip a piece off the roll, which makes it hard to, say, line a flat baking sheet.

That’s why I, personally, don’t use the rolls.

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Instead, I prefer to use sheets of parchment paper. A go-to of professional chefs, you can buy flat packs of parchment paper sheets (picture a giant ream of printer paper) in all sorts of sizes, specifically ones for your half-sized baking sheets. Sure, you have to find somewhere to store the box (wherever you keep your baking sheets is usually a good idea), but once you’ve found them a home, they’re so easy to use. You just pull out one sheet at a time and it’s good to go. No messing with ripping off a piece (if it’s too big for the job at hand, just neatly cut it down to size and save the rest for a future project). No dealing with annoying curling edges. And, if you prefer, you can still find these in unbleached paper.

Buy: Baker’s Mark Half Size Parchment Paper, from $20 for 1,000 sheets at Webstaurant Store

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Not sure you want to make a commitment for a giant box? You can buy a smaller quantity at Webstaurant Store. You can also get something from Reynolds Wrap that’s targeted for home cooks.

Either way, try the sheets and you’ll wonder how you ever put up with those pesky rolls for so long.

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