10 Cooks Share Their Favorite Things to Make in the Instant Pot

published Apr 24, 2017
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So you heard the rumors, bought an Instant Pot, and now it’s been sitting in your basement the last couple months and you just don’t know where to start. Sure, it was inexpensive and promised delicious, quick meals, but you’re feeling uninspired. Or maybe you’ve tried it a couple times and still don’t understand the fuss.

Whatever your reason is, you need some help. I asked 10 people who love their Instant Pot to share their favorite thing they make with the help of this trendy kitchen appliance. From eggs to rice to delicious pulled chicken, there are many things you need to try.

“Hard-cooked eggs for sure! Easy to peel and perfect. I use the method on Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. And rice. Ditched my rice cooker. Have found the directions in the Instant Pot cookbook to be spot on.”

Pulled chicken for tacos. Boneless, skinless chicken thighs, a jar of salsa, a pinch of salt, and 30 minutes in the Instant Pot.”

Bone broth! What used to take 24 hours in a slow cooker now takes me two hours in an Instant Pot. It gels every time!”

4. Kelli Foster, Assistant Editor

“Hands-down, Nom Nom Paleo’s Kalua Pork is my most favorite thing to cook in the Instant Pot. I first cooked a version of this recipe in the slow cooker (which is also good), but it requires a lot of forward thinking, and without fail, I always forget just how much. That’s actually what lead me to trying the pressure-cooker version, which, in my opinion, is even better! The meat is super juicy and tender, and so easily falls apart with the touch of a fork. Plus, how can you not love getting a week’s worth of meals in a couple hours?”

5. Hali Ramdene, Food Editor

Broth, above all, super-fast soups (lentils), and meal-prep meat.”

Rice bowls are one of my favorite things to make in the Instant Pot; they only require a few minutes of prep. You sauté some vegetables and then add the rice, protein, and stock. That’s it! Put the lid on and, in about 20 minutes, dinner’s done. It’s hard for me to name a favorite, but my chicken burrito bowls and street cart-style curry top the list.”

“I love the Instant Pot for perfect Greek yogurt! It is so easy! It makes seven to nine cups depending on how much whey you drain. It stores in the refrigerator for three weeks, but my husband and I eat it all within a week! Nine cups of Greek yogurt for the price of a gallon of milk is not bad.”

“Whole chicken in with water and aromatics = chicken stock and shredded chicken in one go. It’s a weekly ritual when I’m at home.”

“It’s fantastic when you want to make black bean tacos and realize you only have dry beans in the pantry. The beans are ready in under 30 minutes while I prep the rest of the ingredients.”

“My favorite thing to do is put a pork loin in it with soy sauce, sesame oil, green onions, garlic, brown sugar, and a bit of mirin. I then take the broth and strain it and use that to make ramen.”

What’s your favorite thing to make in an Instant Pot? Please let us know in the comments!