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This $11 Find Is the Single Best Thing I Bought at H Mart This Year

published Dec 12, 2022
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H Mart, Asian food, Korean Grocery Store in Portland
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I’ve written a lot of H Mart roundups this year, which has warranted countless trips to my local H Mart (hi, H Mart on Northern in Flushing!) and many hours spent scouring the aisles for the best of the best. 

Reflecting back on all my picks and purchases this year, the single standout for me is this six-pack box of Jinga Beef Bone Flavored Soup. Initially, I picked up a single package for a weekend trip upstate back in February. One of my cabin mates was feeling a bit under the weather, and it seemed like the perfectly cozy pantry staple to have on hand. After a quick heat up on the stove, we had a delicious, warming broth to sip by the fire.

I had been picking up individual packs on my trips to H Mart all year since, so when I saw this bulk pack available I immediately added it to my cart — and I’ll continue to do so in 2023.

Credit: Irene Yoo

What’s So Great About Jinga Beef Bone Flavored Soup?

Jinga Beef Bone Flavored Soup is based on sagol-gukmul, beef bone broth. I’ve made sagol-gukmul at home before, but it’s certainly a dedication of time and labor. It takes hours to extract the marrow from the beef bones, which is key to the milky-white soup. 

I’ve long bristled against packaged soup (how could it be better than homemade?), but the first time I tried Jinga Beef Bone Flavored Soup, I was impressed by the amount of flavor in this deceptively simple-looking soup. The beef flavor is delicate but prominent, and the soup feels so cozy and healing. 

What’s the Best Way to Use Jinga Beef Bone Flavored Soup?

Most classically, I’ll use Jinga Beef Bone Flavored Soup to make a quick seolleongtang, a Korean soup made with beef bones. It’s perfect for sipping when you have a cold or warming up on a snowy day. I’ve also used it as a soup starter to fortify other types of stews and stocks, like a vegetable soup or kimchi jjigae. 

My best hack of all, though, is to use it as an instant ramen base! Just substitute the soup stock for the same amount of water called for in the package directions. The beef broth enriches the ramen with a deeper flavor, elevating the simple pack of noodles. It’s a cozy hack for the cold-weather months — especially when you don’t want to venture out to the store for groceries or go out to eat.

Find it in stores: Jinga Beef Bone Flavored Soup, $10.99 for 6 (16.9. ounces) packs

What’s the best think you bought at H Mart this year? Tell us about it in the comments.