What Are the Best Snacks to Cure a Hangry Home Cook?

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

It’s Wednesday evening. There’s no food in the house and there you are wandering through the post-work grocery rush hour like a salmon headed upstream. The idea of stringing together a dinner seems impossible, and pretty soon you find yourself angrily eating a bag of pita chips you hadn’t even intended to eat. We’ve all been there: Yep, you’re hangry.

When did the word hangry enter our collective vocabulary? I have a hunch it was the mid 2000s, but regardless I’m grateful for its spot-on description of that terrible state everyone falls into from time to time. It’s an easily fixable situation — just add snack and be relieved!

Last week though, I tried to both snack my way out of hanger and cook a nice dinner at the same time. When we finally sat down to eat, I was barely interested in the (surprisingly delicious) meal set out. Not only was it disappointing, it meant that I had filled up on everything pretzel crisps and store bought hummus.

All this got me thinking about easy to prepare snacks. What is there to eat that’s readily available, satisfying, and not too filling? Ideally, I’d prevent myself from ever entering such dire straits in the first place, but unfortunately sometimes it just happens. Meetings run over, a wait on line takes longer than usual, or something just gets in the way.

There are tons of great recipes for homemade granola bars or fruit and nut trail mixes, but typically after work I’m on a more savory track. What are your favorite savory snacks to keep on hand?