Is It Pie? Is It a Cookie? It’s Both! Cherry Pies ‘n’ Ice Cream Sandwiches

updated May 2, 2019

Maybe it’s the fact that this recipe combines two of my favorite things into a single dessert, or maybe it’s the play on words, but no matter how you look at it, these “pies ‘n’ cream sandwiches” are just about the cutest thing ever and have 4th of July picnic written all over them.

These mini pies were made from premade crust (you could totally make your own – even though we have a soft spot for Trader Joe’s) with a scoop of filling and could easily be filled with whatever homemade or crafted jam you found at the local markets this week.

The “pie-cookie” sandwiches are filled after they’ve cooled with ice cream (or buttercream).

These pies-cream sandwiches might involve a little more labor than your regular ice cream sandwich, but just look how cute they are! Sometimes adorable food needs just a little bit of extra prep time and we’re sort of OK with that. They look to be a great addition sure to get lots of oohs and aahs at your next picnic or get together!

Get the recipe:
Cherry Pies ‘n Cream Sandwiches from The Creative Orchard