The Best Non-Dairy Creamer for Coffee Is Homemade Banana Milk

published Oct 26, 2016
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A month or so ago, Eater reported on a coffee shop in Brooklyn that created what people are dubbing the new “Pumpkin Spice Latte.” The small coffee shop, J+B Design & Travel, made a concoction using cold brew coffee and sweet banana milk that is simply dubbed “banana milk coffee.” The creator of the drink and manager of the café, Fumio Tashiro, thinks the drink tastes like a milkshake, whereas Eater describes it as “somewhere on the spectrum between an iced coffee with milk and a flavored latte.”

There are some downsides of this drink: First, you can only buy it in Brooklyn, and second, it costs five dollars. But don’t let either of those things deter you. Not only is banana milk incredibly easy to make at home, but using it as a creamer for hot or cold coffee is also something you need to try. This isn’t just a silly trend that will disappear in a couple months.

Banana milk isn’t something you would find in the United States unless you live in Florida.

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Making your own banana milk, however, couldn’t be easier. Kitchn’s recipe for banana milk only requires four ingredients: banana, water, salt, and cinnamon. You can add flavoring if you like, like vanilla or cocoa powder, but it’s not necessary. The banana milk is good in your fridge for up to two days (although the color may change).

(Image credit: Christine Han)

Get the recipe: Banana Milk

I tried adding the homemade banana milk to both my cold brew and hot coffee in the morning. The cold brew and banana milk worked very well together, just like it did at J+B Design & Travel. There’s a strong banana flavor, and the thickness of the milk works well with the iced beverage. I also really liked the banana coffee in the hot milk as a creamer, but you lose a little bit of the banana flavor. It does taste way more like a latte than a milkshake.