The Best Lunch Box That Will Keep Your Food Cold for Up to 10 Hours

updated May 1, 2019
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Despite your best intentions to eat lunch at a respectable hour, work has a way of getting busy. You know how it goes: You’re on your way down the hall, headed back to your desk, where you have a zoodle salad waiting for you. But then, oh hey, Sue from Operations wants to snag you for a sec. And then Anna just has one quick question. And then, look, it’s time for your 2 p.m. status meeting. By the time you actually sit down to eat, it’s 4 in the afternoon!

That’s why, whether or not you have an office fridge, you need a lunch box that’s sure to keep your contents cool. Because, let’s face it, there’s not always room in that oh-so-messy common-use fridge. (Or if it there is room, it’s because someone spilled some sort of soup goo and no one wants to put their food in the puddle.)

Enter: the lunch bags from PackIt.

The walls of these bags have built-in freezable gel, so you put the whole thing in your freezer before you go to bed. When you wake up, the walls of the bag will be super chilled and ready to keep your food cold for up to 10 hours. You can just leave it on your desk or in your drawer until it’s time to eat.

(Image credit: PackIt)

There are a ton of different styles and patterns, ranging from standard lunch box shapes with a watermelon print to more of a purse-like situation with a shibori dye job. And they all work the same, so it really just depends on which one fits your lifestyle and what you pack. For example, I’ve used this Traveler bag before, but I didn’t love that I couldn’t fit my wrist through the handle whenever I needed to free up a hand. My new favorite is this Uptown bag, which has a nice long strap, an exterior zip pocket, and interior slip pocket.

Buy: Uptown Lunch Bag, $25

As someone who works mostly from home, I don’t pack a lot of lunches during the work week. But I do pack a lot of cheese (and few other things, but mostly cheese) for weekend road trips and these bags have never disappointed me — the contents are always cool, long after we reach our destination.