The Best Lemonade Comes from Brazil

(Image credit: Samantha Bolton)

A tall glass of lemonade is refreshment at its best — sweet, tart, and icy cold — but we’ve been doing lemonade all wrong. Jet over to Brazil and they’re making a twist on lemonade that gives the classic stuff a creamy upgrade.

First, ditch the lemons.

Yes, it’s called lemonade, but Brazilian lemonade doesn’t actually contain any lemons. Instead, it’s made with limes, which makes for a drink that’s less sour than usual and a bit more complex. But even more surprising is that whole limes are used, rind and all, so you get a hint of the rind’s bitterness and extra lime flavor. Forget simply squeezing out the juice — the limes are quartered and tossed in a blender with sugar and then strained to remove any bits of pulp and rind.

Second, add condensed milk.

Into the blender, along with the quartered limes, goes another secret ingredient: condensed milk. The thick stuff adds sweetness to the drink, while making it viscous and super creamy. Plus, blending it all together gives the drink a frothiness that’s best enjoyed immediately through a straw in the hot sun.

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