The Best Last-Minute Stocking Stuffer

What do food-lovers like to find tucked into their stocking on Christmas morning? You really can’t go wrong with these little tins of flaky salt, and since they’re easy to ship overnight, voila — last-minute stocking stuffers are yours.

While the market for fancy salts is crowded (and growing by the day), Maldon still holds the preeminent place for finishing salt in my kitchen. There’s something about its broad, uneven flakes — delicate yet crunchy — that still makes it the best way to finish a piece of meat or top chocolate brownies.

These mini tins are small enough to tuck in your bag when you travel, or to leave in your desk at work. A tiny luxury for people who appreciate how tasty good salt can be.

P.S. The smoked salt seems to be unavailable on Amazon, but we did find it here.