The Most Enthusiastic Instant Pot Reviews on Amazon

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In less than two weeks, my devoted partner and I will be celebrating our first anniversary together. It has been an incredible year and I can honestly say that we’re as happy today as we were the first time we met, when I removed him from a cardboard box, plugged him into a well-grounded wall outlet, and emptied a package of chicken breasts into his stainless steel inner liner.

I am probably more committed to my Instant Pot than I’ve been to any of my exes (sorry, gentlemen) and, after reading through way too many of the 22,047 five-star reviews on Amazon, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

The word “life-changing” is used so often, you’d think the appliance was delivered by a motivational speaker who helps us all make soup while we evaluate our previous failures. And although a lot of purchasers noted that they thought it had a reasonably steep learning curve, once they discovered its secrets — thanks to a lot of equally enthusiastic Instant Pot Facebook groups — those initial moments of uncertainty weren’t enough to stop them from loving it unconditionally.

Here are just 10 of the most delighted customers, sharing what they love about the one I love, too.

My New BFF: Ohhh man this thing is a game changer! My husband bought me the 8-quart for an early Christmas gift, and it’s AMAZING! […] I’ve had almost no dishes to do all week long. It’s friggin awesome. Can’t say enough good stuff about it.”

Might Be the Greatest Kitchen Invention Ever – Seriously, EVER: Nope, not exaggerating. Greatest kitchen invention ever. I have purposely waiting 4 months before writing a review for this. I wanted to see if my love affair with the Instant Pot was just a fling or true love. It’s true love. This might have single handedly saved my marriage.”

My Precious: I’m a single dad and despise cooking. Coming home from work and picking up the child from school, the last thing I want to do is go through an elaborate cooking process and THIS is where this item helps out a ton […] I’ve named this cooker “my precious” (and yes, you have to say it [the way] Gollum says it) much to the dismay of my girlfriend, who has threatened to run it over with the Landcruiser.”

Magic Pot: Love this Instant Pot. I call it my Magic Pot, and even had a decal made that says that.”

Instant Pot is Instant Gratification!: I’ve had it a couple of months. I wish I knew about this sooner, It’s fantastic. My kids even comment on how good meat comes out so tender and delicious. On my way out the door to grocery shopping my husband always says ‘Buy something for the instant pot!'”

Instant Pot, How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways!!!: Is it possible to love an appliance? Is it appropriate? I don’t care.”

I Heart You, Instant Pot!: I realize this is the first time in 5 years I have actually cooked dinner more than 2x in a week! No processed quick foods for us. Just healthy delicious meat and veggies, prepared fast in the IP after work and before the kids go completely crazy from lack of sustenance.”

I’m in Love: My life has officially changed. Since the first day I got my Instant Pot, I’ve fallen in love and I’m never looking back.”

Instant Pots Will Rule The World: This thing is amazing. I got this on Black Friday for my girlfriend after hearing her casually mention it, but didn’t really understand what you could do with it […] This thing is so efficient and quick that I’m concerned that my g/f may just leave me for the Instant Pot so she can keep all the good food for herself. Hell, if this thing had a sexual stimulation button it’d probably make it happen 10x faster than I could too.”

If you would like to send an anniversary gift to me and my truest love, we are registered at the meat counter.

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