The Best Hot Chocolate on Earth? Café Angelina

updated May 2, 2019
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Last spring I was lucky enough to indulge in the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. At Café Angelina in Paris, the rich hot chocolate is served in its own pitcher alongside a small pot of fresh and perfect whipped cream. Have you been there? Why is it so good?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

After sitting down to what would be one of the most superb gastronomic experiences of my life, I ordered the most expensive hot chocolate of my life. It was worth every Euro and then some!

The hot chocolate experience at Café Angelina is sublime — you are served a large pitcher of dark, rich, creamy hot chocolate with your own pot of whipped cream. The chocolate had a great mouth feel. It was velvety smooth and not too sweet. The remarkable concoction was indeed the most potent chocolate taste I think I’ve ever had. It was hot chocolate to the millionth power. It was as if I was tasting the chocolate flavor with my whole body. I was in a cloud of cocoa delirium. I couldn’t get over the feeling of chocolate sensory power, right down to my fingertips. My face felt tingly and ecstatic. It was awesome. Combined with the perfect whipped cream and the golden Rococo setting, I nearly fell off my chair with joy.

Any ideas on how Café Angelina does it? What do they put in there? (I do hope all the ingredients are legal.)

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