This Is the Only Dessert You Should Buy at Target

updated May 1, 2019
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Target might not come first to mind when you’re shopping for a ready-made dessert. And, to be honest, that’s probably not going to change. There’s just not a huge selection. But when desperate times call for desperate measures and you need a dessert (and a bunch of hangers, a serving platter, and dish soap all at once), your best bet is to make a bee-line for the freezer case.

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There you’ll hopefully find the Archer Farms Crème Brûlée. The two-pack of vanilla custards come in cute terra cotta dishes, which are perfect for repurposing into rustic-chic serving pieces for nuts or olives. The desserts go from freezer to plate in minutes, and the packet of sprinkling sugar easily brûlées into a crispy burnt sugar topping under the broiler. The soft, sweet, pudding-like custard lacks the rich, eggy silkiness of restaurant crème brulee, but it’s a fine substitute. In fact, these would make for a sweet Valentine’s Day dessert at home.

Or make your own: How To Make Creme Brûlée

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A decent second option: cheesecake. Look for the Archer Farms Ultimate Cheesecake Collection or the Archer Farms Ultimate Cheesecake Bites, which are essentially the same thing but in bite-sized form. The cheesecakes are a bit on the sweet side, and lack the depth of cheesy flavor you’d get in a homemade version, but those can be good things, depending on your audience. The rich chocolate version, with its cocoa cookie crust, is the best in the bunch.

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Have you tried the crème brûlée or the cheesecakes? What’d you think? Do you have any other desserts to suggest?