The Best Cloth Napkins for Your Lunchbox

updated May 1, 2019
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I’m a huge fan of cloth napkins; they clean your hands and face so much better than paper napkins, and with rare exceptions — spectacularly drippy smoked ribs, for instance, which call for nothing less than a full roll of paper towels — I always use cloth at the table. But most dinner napkins are quite generously sized and feel a little large (and stuffy) for the lunchbox.

Here’s another option — napkins perfectly sized to carry in your lunch bag or box.

(Image credit: The Everyday Napkin)
(Image credit: The Everyday Napkin)

These napkins are called The Everyday Napkin, and true to their name, they come seven to a pack — one for each day of the week. Kathryn, the designer, explains her inspiration:

I have always enjoyed using cloth napkins because they feel better on my hands and face, and they are less wasteful than paper. However, traditional dinner napkins tend to only get used on special occasions and take up a lot of storage space. When I made smaller cloth napkins for a Bash Studio event, I found that they were the perfect size for everyday use.

The napkins are 6.5″ x 6.5″ — a modest size that’s larger than a cocktail napkin, but smaller than the rather bulky napkins I keep around from dinner. Also, they are made from repurposed and found fabrics, and come in a lot of fun patterns and colors.

(Image credit: The Everyday Napkin)
(Image credit: The Everyday Napkin)

These special-edition pom pom napkins are so cute!

If I was still working at an office, you can bet that a pack of these would find its way into my desk drawer.