Valentine's Day

The Best Classroom Valentine’s Day Cards You Can Find on Amazon

updated May 1, 2019
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Do you remember exchanging Valentines when you were a kid? The thrill of finding your locker or DIY mailbox stuffed with notes and treats from all your best friends, maybe even your crush? Well, it’s still a thing (although candy is discouraged these days) and your kids will also love trading cards with their classmates in a show of friendship.

If you’re not the type to spend hours making them from scratch, try these cute Valentine’s Day card class packs you can find on Amazon. You can take advantage of that sweet two-day Prime shipping and skip the stores (and your kid’s inevitable begging for red- and pink-wrapped candy).

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  1. Scratch & Sniff Valentine Sticker Boxes, $15 for 28: Each of these Valentines is a little box stuffed with deliciously scented stickers — the sweet spot between giving out sugary treats and not sending all the kids into a crazy sugar high. The adorable graphics include cupcakes, cakes, donuts, and more.
  2. Mini Valentine’s Day Cards with Matching Pins, $10 for 36: These cards have cute, non-branded designs, featuring adorable animals and Valentine’s Day motifs, but the best thing is that each one comes with a matching pin, which kids can display proudly on their jean jackets, backpacks, or T-shirts.
  3. Fun Dip Valentine Cards, $12 for 24: If your child’s school allows sweets with the cards, then take this opportunity to make them instantly the most popular kid in class! Each “card” is actually a pouch of Fun Dip they can address to their friends. Let’s be honest — you’re also secretly hoping to keep one of these for yourself.
  4. Scratch-Off Silly Jokes, $15 for 28: Not only are the scratch-off jokes on these Valentine’s Day cards incredibly cheesy (meaning: kids are going to love them), but they’re also all food-related. What do you call candy that sings? Check out this pack to get the answer.
  5. Taco Time Valentine Day Exchange Sharing Cards with Erasers, $10 for 16: Once the kids get over the silly puns (for example, “Will You Be My Valen-Taco?”), they’ll also get erasers with tacos on them, which they can use well into March.
  6. Perfect Pair Valentine Love Tags, $18 for 24: These tags are technically meant to get tied onto gifts or packs of homemade treats, but kids won’t notice because they’ll be too distracted by the adorable illustrations.
  7. Funny Punny Valentines, $9 for 32: Help your kid tell someone she’s a “berry good” friend with this set of cards, featuring eight sweet and punny designs.
  8. Milk & Cookies Scratch & Sniff Stickers, $15 for 28: Don’t have all night to bake cookies for your kid’s entire class? This box of scratch-and-sniff stickers is almost just as good — they smell like real chocolate!