This Is the Best Budget Bottle of Sparkling Wine You Can Buy

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

As far as I’m concerned, celebrations big and small deserve bubbles — which means I’ve been popping quite a few bottles of sparkling wine this holiday season.

I don’t exactly have the means to uncork pricey Champagne and other bottles of high-end sparkling wine on the regular, though. My eyes pretty much always narrow in on the under-$15 shelf when I’m out shopping. Luckily, there are a good number of great finds there, and you don’t need to be a wine tasting expert to find one! There is, however, one I like the very best and grab continuously all season long.

The Very Best Budget Bottle of Sparkling Wine

I’ve sipped a whole lot of inexpensive sparkling wine, but the bottle I turn to again and again is Mionetto Prosecco. While I tend to have a soft spot for Italian Prosecco in general, this one really stands out from the countless other cheap bottles out there because it’s not as sweet. Instead, it’s nice and dry with balanced acidity and a fresh, clean finish (read: it’s all too easy to drink a couple glasses of).

(Image credit: Drizly)

A bottle costs under $15 and yet it tastes like it should probably be more. It’s organic, too, which often warrants a higher price tag and yet that’s not the case here. This is a bottle I am more than happy to sip on its own, but it’s cheap enough to use in cocktails and punches. The bottle is also pretty snazzy looking, with its orange label and bronze foil, so it’s totally giftable. Even better, this isn’t one of those wine recommendations that leaves you hunting around every shop to find it: I’ve seen this Prosecco everywhere from Whole Foods, to Target, to Total Wine, and more.

Buy it: Mionetto Prosecco, $13.99

Do you have an inexpensive bottle of bubbly you love to pop this time of year?