I Tried the Mini Version of This Oprah-Approved Blender and It’s Now My Every Day Go-To for Meal Prep

published Jan 9, 2024
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Throughout college, my most-used item was my cheap, portable blender. It ended up with it during a white elephant gift exchange, and for the next few years, it moved with me between multiple dorm rooms and apartments. (It mostly got the job done. Well enough, at least, that I kept putting off making an upgrade.) Despite whipping up a smoothie every other day, though, I always stashed it away in my cabinet. Why? To put it simply, it was absolutely nothing to look at.

To be fair, the vast majority of blenders aren’t. Sure, function is certainly more important than how good it looks on the counter, but sue me if I want my kitchen to look just as aesthetically-pleasing as the rest of my space. If you have similar priorities — and minimal space — I just tried out a new item that you’ll want to get your hands on immediately. I didn’t know what I was missing out on before I tried the mini version of Beast’s Oprah-approved blender, but now that I’ve put it to the test, I’m never going back. This absolutely stunning appliance doesn’t sacrifice style for utility, and given how often I’ve been using it, I don’t see it ever moving off of my counter.

Quick Overview

A Quick Look at the Beast Mini Blender Plus

  • It’s tiny but extremely mighty at 600 watts
  • It’s designed with true portability in mind
  • It comes with a drinking lid, straws, and straw cap so you can take it right off of the base and with you on the go
  • It’s ideal for single-serve portions and meal prep for one
  • There aren’t any hard-to-reach crevices, so cleanup is a breeze
  • It looks like art on your countertop, thanks to the ribbed plastic and soft color options

Design Features That Stand Out

Oprah said the Beast is “almost too chic,” and I’m totally on the same page: It’s hard to believe that it’s a high-performing blender. The Terra color looks exactly like it does online, and it enhances the natural, boho-esque vibe I have going on in my apartment. And the ribbed design on the plastic vessel doesn’t only look good — it also increases turbulence, helping the contents blend more thoroughly. 

Appearance aside, what’s most impressive about this blender is its effectiveness and practicality. It’s a little under five pounds, so it’s easy to move around the kitchen and makes the perfect smoothie portion for one person. It only has one button, which, if you press for over a second, turns on its minute-long blending cycle. (Which is more than ideal for those like me that favor simplicity.) The small light found right above the button lets you know if everything is ready to go, based on the color — white means it’s go time, amber means that a piece isn’t fully attached, green means blending is in-progress, and flashing amber means the motor is overloaded. At 600 watts, it’s also powerful enough to crush frozen ingredients, and with its pulse function, it’s a meal prep superhero, saving you the trouble of mincing garlic or chopping onions by hand.

Finally, the basic set, which comes out to $99, includes a 22-ounce vessel, drinking lid, storage lid, two straws and a straw cap, and cleaning brushes for both the straws and the blades. The Plus bundle that I tried out comes with two smaller blending vessels, two extra storage lids, and a carry cap. (Whew! You really do get a ton of bang for your buck.)

Credit: Morgan Pryor

How It Performed

Even though the small size and portability is central to the appeal of the Beast Mini, it’s shockingly sturdy and involves no manual effort (unlike my previous portable blender). For my first test, I loaded up the vessel with chopped apples, a banana, an orange, and added enough milk and juice to get things going. After pressing the reset button on the back of the base, the small white light indicated that my mixture was ready for blending. True to its claim, my smoothie was ready in the blink of an eye, with absolutely none of the pesky, unblended chunks of fruit that I got used to seeing when I used my old blender. After twisting on the drinking cap and sticking the reusable straw in, I had the perfect on-the-go drink — it turns into an ultra-stylish bottle, and I absolutely can’t wait to bring it with me to work.

A few smoothies later, I decided to give dip-making a go — more specifically, I decided to try my hand at this garlic salsa verde recipe, courtesy of our SVP of content, Faith. (For a smaller amount, I halved the recipe.) I tossed in my three garlic cloves first, which, following a few pulses, ended up perfectly minced. That was followed by a bunch of cilantro, a bit of jalapeño, and lime juice, and since I wasn’t shooting for a chunky consistency, I set the blender to its minute-long cycle. Expectedly, it came out just as smooth as I was hoping it would be.

In both cases, cleanup took hardly any effort. After a quick rinse in the sink, I put a little dish soap and water inside the vessel, and that and the blades came out spotless after a few pulses.

Credit: Morgan Pryor

What We Loved

  • Design and style: The blender has a small footprint on your countertop, but it makes a gorgeous visual statement – and it even turns into a stylish bottle!
  • Portability: The secure, leak-resistant drinking lid and straw mean that it’s never been easier to take your smoothie with you as you head out the door.
  • Ease of use: Its minute-long blending cycle only takes the press of a button.
  • Power: The mini Beast, despite its size, lives up to its name. It can handle a range of tasks with ease.

Good to Know

As its name suggests, the Mini isn’t meant for bigger portions, especially in the case of soups and smoothies, so keep that in mind. You might want to opt for the original version (which we reviewed here.) However, if you find yourself prepping meals for two or more people quite often, the smaller Beast will come in handy for chopping and mincing ingredients quickly.

Should You Buy the Beast Mini Blender Plus?

I think that the Beast Mini is perfect for those who:

  • Are usually only feeding themselves
  • Have limited counter space
  • Are always on the go
  • Love appliances that are just as stylish as they are functional
  • Enjoy a quick and simple meal prep process

Where to Buy the Beast Mini Blender Plus

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