This Is the Stylish Dinnerware Used at Carmy’s New Restaurant on “The Bear” — and Here’s Where to Get It

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No matter how intriguing or beautiful designer dinnerware may look, it’s often hard to justify splurging on new plates, platters, and bowls when you have perfectly good ones in your cupboards at home. However, when your attachment to the new and shiny things is really strong, or if you’ve seen them in action, then committing to the purchase feels more reasonable. In the case of the dinnerware that appears in the recently released second season of The Bear, the appeal is completely warranted.

The TV show’s producers worked hard to make their high-end restaurant kitchen feel authentic. Their attention to detail includes the dinnerware that Carmy chooses to use for his diners. All the plates and bowls come from Jono Pandolfi, a real chef-inspired kitchenware brand that makes their glazed clay pieces by hand in New Jersey. You can see how the dinnerware elevates the gourmet food in The Bear, and pick up 4-piece or 7-piece sets of the exact same items to make your meals at home more special. If you prefer to buy one or two plates or bowls, check out our full breakdown below for some stylish picks. Then try a recipe from The Bear — it’s the best way to test out your new kitchen gear!

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Jono Pandolfi

This full-sized dinner plate from Jono Pandolfi's Coupe collection is the main dish that appears in The Bear. It's slightly thicker than average dinner plates because it's meant to withstand heavy use from a restaurant setting, and has a neutral-colored clay bottom that grounds the dazzling-white glazed top. Plus, like everything in the Coupe collection, this plate is dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

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Jono Pandolfi

As with all of Jono Pandolfi's dinnerware, the major benefit of this large bowl is its versatility. It's the ideal serving piece for pasta, salad, and hearty entrees. Of course, it looks just as stunning on your kitchen counter or dining table as a display bowl for fruit. And considering this bowl was designed to serve dessert at Eleven Madison Park, a restaurant with three Michelin stars, it'll also work great for ice cream sundaes.

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Jono Pandolfi

Blates — which are plates with raised, bowl-like edges — were all the rage in 2022, and for good reason. A durable blate such as this square-sided one is incredibly versatile because it allows a good amount of liquid to pool on your plate without any risk of it flowing over the sides. Use this to serve pasta, saucy stir frys, or classic meat and potatoes. Its high sides also keep food from falling off while you're carrying it from kitchen to table.

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Jono Pandolfi

If you want to keep your spending in check, this small fry bowl is a smart choice. It's great for serving nuts and dried fruit snacks to accompany a charcuterie board, as well as holding single-sized servings of chips, ice cream, and other snack foods. While it's a little small for cereal (don't worry, they have cereal bowls!), it's the perfect size for soupy or saucy side dishes that you want to keep contained from your dinner plate.

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Jono Pandolfi

Mix up your serveware collection with this oval-shaped platter that's designed to hold all manner of side dishes and smaller mains. You can also use it as a plate, which can be nice because its shape lets you designate separate sections for different foods. If you want bigger serving pieces, this same item is also available in medium and large sizes.

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Jono Pandolfi

We're not surprised that this deep pasta bowl is a best seller. It's the kind of "everything bowl" that's suited just as well to serving soups, pastas, and salads as it is to holding side dishes, storing fresh produce, and plating oysters (it's got plenty of room for ice). You save 5 percent when you buy a matching set of four, or you can mix things up by choosing bowls with different color schemes.