What’s Your Favorite Sandwich Bread?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Perhaps the most important building block in a sandwich is the bread. It can truly make or break your creation. We’re curious about your favorite way to bookend tasty fillings. Are you riding the pretzel bread train? Do you savor the sourdough? Plain old white or wheat? Let us know below!

I am a true sucker for anything that possibly resembles bread and although it’s hard to choose a favorite, I enjoy tried and true white bread more than anything. I like my bread to hold the ingredients in, but not get in the way of them. Often I find a French loaf or a similar thicker style to be too much, texturally.

Where do you stand on the great bread debate? Do you have favorites or are you down with anything that rests on your plate? Share your favorites (and why) in the comments below!