The b2 Kitchen Tool Cabinet From Bulthaup

Growing up I lived in a very suburban home, with a normal kitchen. It had cabinets, drawers and regular appliances. Over the last several years, I’ve lived with anything but a normal kitchen and without most of the above mentioned normalities. So when I came across this cabinet that allows you to keep everything in your kitchen in one place, well just call me smitten.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This cabinet from Bulthaup is the bee’s knees as far as I’m concerned. It holds, quite literally, all your kitchen tools. From silverware to dishware, to small appliances and even linens down in those bottom drawers.

They look like a great way to make a modern kitchen without open racking, which although I’ve lived with for quite some time, I’ll also be the first one to admit stuff gets dusty. Fast. These tall cabinets with their swing open dividers are a great solution to that and a possibly diy for anyone with a wood working brain. Are they too modern for your taste? Would they drive you crazy? Are you as head over heels in love as I am? Let us know below!

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(Image: Bulthaup)