The Appeal of Two-Ingredient Recipes: Have You Tried One Yet?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lately I’ve been seeing more two-ingredient recipes pop up on food blogs and websites. From chocolate mousse to chocolate chip cookies, they seem to be everywhere. And yet, I haven’t tried one yet. Have you?

Last week Joanna from Cup of Jo shared a two-ingredient cookie recipe. The only two ingredients are banana and quick-cooking oats, although then you can stir in whatever mix-ins you’d like — chocolate chips, nuts, spices, whatever. (And yes, I know! That does make it more than two ingredients by that point!) I have to admit, the baker in me was skeptical. Could they really taste that great? A few friends raced to their kitchens and declared the recipe to be pretty good, but I haven’t yet taken the plunge. I guess I’m curious: do you feel the time saved in the kitchen and the easy ingredient list is worthwhile when you consider the possible small sacrifice in taste?

I may yet give it a try, so I’d love to hear about any 2-ingredient recipes you’ve tried and loved!

Try a Recipe
Instant Chocolate Mousse (pictured) – Cafe Fernando
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(Image: Cenk of Cafe Fernando)