The Amazing Le Creuset Perk You Don’t Know About

updated May 1, 2019
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Le Creuset has been a standard-bearer in the cookware business since it introduced its first cast iron cocotte in 1925. By taking a staple of behind-the scenes cooking and giving it style and fashionable colors, the company turned a simple piece (or pieces) of cookware into a kitchen must-have accessory for every home. I’m sure you know many Le Creuset devotees who thoughtfully accrue one color — or many — over the years as they build their collection. It’s the centerpiece of many a wedding registry and a splurge item for foodie starter kitchens.

Beyond the status colors and impressive functionality, Le Creuset has a perk you might not know about: The company guarantees its cast iron products for life.

That means that if you save your pennies for a dutch oven when you’re 22, and it inexplicably breaks when you’re 92, Le Creuset will replace it with the same or similar item, for free.

Did you know Le Creuset guarantees its cast iron products for life?

Now, there are a few caveats — you are not allowed to intentionally damage your Le Creuset just because you want a new color! The warranty explicitly covers normal household use, and reminds you that you should follow its guidance for care and use of the product to avoid damaging it (for example, don’t use knives to cut food inside the cookware, or operate a hand-held or battery-operated beater inside the cast iron cookware). The warranty won’t cover you if you buy one second-hand, either — you have to be the original owner (although it doesn’t matter if you receive it as a gift or buy it yourself). If the item is lightly stained or scratched, that’s not covered either. But if it cracks, or chips under normal use, or otherwise fails to perform, they’re replace it for you. Yay!

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Did you know this offer existed? Have you ever taken advantage of it?