Aldi Makes Saving on Groceries Way Easier with This App

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In 2018 it seems like the last thing anyone needs is another app on their phone, but if you shop at Aldi you might want to find room for one more. The Aldi app makes shopping there way easier and it could save you a ton of money.

On the Reddit forum dedicated to all things Aldi, a Reddit user going by Uxoguy posted a thread to sing the praises of the Aldi app.

“It’s really what I look forward to on Wednesday mornings when I wake up, checking next week’s deals and this week’s as well again for a review,” Uxoguy wrote.

The Aldi subreddit is genuinely an internet forum just for talking about Aldi, so one can generally presume anybody posting there is a pretty big fan of the chain. But even among those Aldi fans, a lot of people seemed unaware of the app. They seemed pretty thrilled.

The Aldi app updates every Wednesday with the new weekly ads for a user’s particular store, so you can check to see what you’d want without having to wait for the mail, go to the store, or remembering to go check Aldi’s website.

You can check the current week, and the upcoming week for deals. Knowing what is coming up next week is very useful for menu planning, too.

Uxoguy says the app has cut down on impulse purchases, because when you go in knowing what you want, you’re less likely to grab random things. Keeping an eye on the app also makes it possible to watch items to see when they go on sale. (Uxoguy is looking for a convection oven, and another user has been stalking a vacuum sealer. Now I, too, am following that vacuum sealer, because I want it for sous vide cooking.)

In addition to showing the weekly ads, the Aldi app has sections just for meat specials, produce, recipes, and beer and wine. Those are actually quite useful, because you can use them while in the store to find out things like whether the new beer on the shelf tastes like sassafras or licorice, or which of the wines at your store go best with turkey. The app has a QR code reader, which you can use to quickly look up the descriptions of items in the store.

The “New at Aldi” feature tells you everything that’s new to the store, and you can even check “Find New Low Prices” to see all the things that just went on sale most recently.

If you told me 15 years ago that I would one day be thrilled about getting grocery store discount flyers on my phone, I would never have believed you. But the Aldi app just told me my store has 49-cent avocados, and I just about flew out the door.

Have you ever tried the Aldi app?