The 7 Best Refrigerator Snacks from Aldi

updated Jun 12, 2019
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You know the drill: You get home from work, head straight to the fridge, and spend several minutes staring blankly into it, wondering what you can shove into your face to hold you over until dinner is ready.

This little routine is exactly why it’s important to have your fridge stocked. And if you’ve ever been exposed to the wonders of Aldi, you know that their snack selection is not only amazing, but their prices are also mega-cheap.

We’ve rounded up our favorite Aldi snacks, which you should keep in your fridge and gorge on whenever hunger strikes.

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  1. Little Salad Bar Classic Guacamole, $3 for two, 8-ounce pouches: The problem with a lot of store-bought guac is that once you open it, it turns brown pretty quickly. This pack features two (eight-ounce) pouches, so you can open one at a time for a quick snack with a friend.
  2. Friendly Farms French Onion Dip, $1.50 for 16 ounces: Whether you’re digging into this French onion dip with vegetables or chips, it’s always a satisfying snack and a great thing to have on hand if you often get unexpected guests.
  3. Little Salad Bar Spicy Hummus, $2 for 10 ounces: A container of hummus for just $2? It’s true! And know that the low price doesn’t mean sacrificing anything in terms of creaminess or flavor.
  4. Specially Selected Pepperoni Marinara Cheese, $3 for eight ounces: Some people love to hate on Aldi’s cheese selection, but maybe those people haven’t had this wacky option. It tastes like a slice of pepperoni pizza and, although it’s probably not going to hold up to a triple crème brie, it’s still pretty darn good.
  5. Appleton Farms Prosciutto, $3 for three ounces: Aldi’s prosciutto tastes as good as any other brand we’ve ever had. And it’s the same price (per ounce) as Trader Joe’s, so why not give it a try?
  6. Little Salad Bar Fresh Salsa, $2.50 for 16 ounces: This salsa — available in mild, medium, and hot — is way better than the jarred stuff that sits unrefrigerated on grocery store shelves for months. We love dipping tortilla chips into it or using a few spoonfuls to jazz up wraps.
  7. Little Journey Yogurt Bites, $2 for one ounce: Made with real fruit and coated in yogurt, these yogurt bites are irresistible, come in a variety of flavors, and will help you ward off your sweet tooth craving.

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