5 Essential (and Renter-Friendly) Storage Products for Small Kitchens

updated Jul 17, 2020
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If you cook in a small kitchen, you know that keeping things organized and accessible is absolutely essential. If you’ve conquered the small kitchen conundrums, we applaud you! But we know many of you still struggle with finding cheap, easy-to-implement ways to maximize your space constraints and reduce your stress levels. Well, these five products are the place to start – and they’re completely DIY and renter-friendly!

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The IKEA Grundtal organization system (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

1. IKEA’s Grundtal Series, particularly the rail ($9.99) and the wall shelf ($14.99): this system from IKEA clearly takes the cake when it comes to budget-friendly kitchen wall organization. We’ve seen the Grundtal system show up everywhere, in both traditional and ultra-modern kitchens. Yiming’s kitchen, shown above, is one of our favorite examples.

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2. Under-Shelf Hooks, $4.46/packet from Home Depot: small cooking tools, including mixer attachments and measuring spoons and cups, can be a pain to store in a small kitchen. Make the most of your under-shelf space with a few hooks.

3. Pegboard, $35-$45 from Wall Control: pegboards (first made famous by none other than Julia Child) can hold and organize everything from pots and pans to dishes, tools, even your iPad. They come in a variety of colors, or you can go cheap and spray paint one yourself.

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4. Magnetic Knife Strip, $28 from Amazon: Magnetic knife strips are a great way to keep your knives within easy reach and out of your drawers. Plus, we like the look!

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5. Wall Mounted Kitchen Roll Organizer, $49 from Pottery Barn: this all-in-one organizer will keep paper towels, foil, and parchment paper off the counter and within easy reach.

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What are your small kitchen space-saving essentials?

(Images: 1. Jim Franco; 2. Miss Treats via The Kitchn; 3. Adrienne Breaux; 4. Better Homes & Gardens; 5. Pottery Barn)