The 40 Most Common Cooking Mistakes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We don’t want foster fear in the kitchen or worry that you’ll screw things up. The kitchen is a place for trial and error and learning. That said, this list of 40 mistakes to make in the kitchen from Cooking Light is pretty spot on; it is a great reminder for cooks young and old to doublecheck a few key things.

There aren’t many things on this list that should be new to most home cooks, but it is rather rare that we get to read about them all in one place. Even though I knew everything on the list, that didn’t mean I wasn’t guilty of several of them (I have a nasty habit of crowding the pan). It’s a great self-check list of some easy to skip habits that will pay off if you pay a little more attention to getting them down.

Is there anything on the list you’re guilty of?

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(Images: Cooking Light)