The $4 Solution to Instantly Create More Storage in the Freezer

updated Jan 8, 2020
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Even for the most organized of us, keeping a freezer neat and tidy is no simple feat. The very nature of what you’re storing (you know, all those random bags of frozen peas, tubes of frozen juice concentrate, and giant boxes of frozen pizza) makes the freezer a bit trickier to navigate than, say, a fridge or pantry.

But what you’re storing in your freezer isn’t the only issue — the basic infrastructure of a freezer also makes it difficult to prevent clutter. Unlike refrigerators, which usually have no shortage of shelves and drawers, most freezers are pretty basic in terms of storage options. A single wire shelf doesn’t really do much to help in the grand scheme of things.

And unfortunately, the more unorganized your freezer is, the more likely you are to let good food go to waste. Of course, that’s a bummer for your wallet and the environment!

If you’ve resolved to keep your freezer a bit more organized from here on out, there’s no need to run out and buy a new refrigerator or even spend time scouring Pinterest for tricks. Instead, try this simple, cheap, and surprisingly effective hack: Grab a few $4 magazine holders and stick them in your freezer!

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Plastic or metal magazine holders make great additions to freezers because, when laid on their sides, they instantly turn into perfectly sized shelves. (The cardboard ones are probably less ideal, as they can get moist and deteriorate over time.) Stack a few of them in opposite corners of your freezer and use them to store rogue bags of fruits and vegetables, frozen sauces, bags of pre-portioned meat, ice cube trays — anything that will fit. Note: This is when we remind you again that it’s best to freeze things flat! The more flat, frozen bags you have, the better this system will work! Just freeze your ingredients/meals and “file” them away for later.

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This way, opening the freezer will be less of a headache, and you can make sure you put everything in it to good use!