The $371 Knife, by Michel Bras and Kai

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

These frighteningly expensive and equally as beautiful knives are the result of a collaboration between the celebrated French chef, Michel Bras, and Kai, the Japanese cutlery company. Intended to bring together the very best traditions of French and Japanese craftsmanship, they are sleekly designed, stainless and titanium. There are seven different knives, ranging in price from $230 for the paring knife, to $371 for the butcher knife.

The company website proudly proclaims “Indeed these cooking implements are more like precious “jewels” than ordinary kitchen utensils.” That’s for sure. But do they hold their edge?

(The knives are not in your local cook shop. You’ll have to check out these shops if you want to invest in a Kai knife.)