The 3 Most Important Spring Cleaning Projects Everyone Should Do

The 3 Most Important Spring Cleaning Projects Everyone Should Do

Lisa Freedman
Apr 6, 2018
(Image credit: Devon Jarvis)

Ah, spring. We've been waiting not-so-patiently for it all winter! Know what we haven't been so pumped for? Spring cleaning. While other sites will shame you for not being all, "Yay, spring cleaning!" we get it. Even if you enjoy cleaning, no one wants to spend this finally nice weather inside scrubbing every nook and cranny in sight.

We give you permission not to! You do not have to spend the month oiling your wood cutting boards or wiping down your light switch plates. (Of course you can! We just won't make you!) There are, however three cleaning projects that you really should tackle in the next few weeks. Because if you don't do them now, chances are you may never get around to them.

(Image credit: Gina Eykemans)

1. The Fridge (and the Freezer, Too)

You're about to have all sorts of fun produce to load up in your fridge: grapes, watermelons, gorgeous heads of lettuce! Plus ice cream and ice pops in the freezer. Make things easier for Future You and make the space now. Go through and discard anything that's past its prime and combine containers when possible. Then, give both the fridge and the freezer a good ol' cleaning. Take the shelves out, empty the ice maker, and wipe everything down. This way, your fresh produce has a fresh place to go.

(Image credit: Gina Eykemans)

2. The Oven

If the idea of preheating your oven to 350°F is already making you sweat, you might end up exclusively using your slow cooker or outside grill for the next few (very warm) months. Don't let nasty old grease and grime sit inside your oven and get harder (grosser) as time goes on. Clean that thing now and it'll be pristine and sparkly when you are ready to fire it up again.

(Image credit: Erika Tracy)

3. The Trashcan

Okay, so this is the dirtiest job on this very small list, but hey, at least you get to do it outside! Clean your trashcan and it can help get rid of that lingering smell you've been noticing.

Do it: How To Clean a Kitchen Trash Can

We know we could have listed a dozen other things (your pantry, your copper pots, your countertops, if you will), but this is the bare minimum. What are some other must-dos on your spring cleaning list?

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