The 20 Most Important Recipes for Lemon-Lovers

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

Lemon is one of our favorite flavors here at Kitchn. We love how it can be sweet or savory; how you can drink it or salt it or make it it into a curd. Here are 20 of our most important lemon recipes, from classic lemon spritz cookies to limoncello and all the tasty things in between.

Sweet Lemon

These are the desserts that will make your lips pucker up with pleasure. You’ll find cookies, cakes, and lemon rolls with a cream cheese glaze.

Savory Lemon

Harness the flavor of lemon to bring dimension and intrigue to your savory dishes. Amp it up a bit and let it be the star flavor with satisfying results.

Lemon Drinks

Classic lemonade and a boozy rendition to add to your must-make list.

Lemony Basics

Get familiar with classic lemon recipes so you can add a spot of brightness to whatever you’re preparing.