The 10 Most Popular Travel Recipes of 2017

The 10 Most Popular Travel Recipes of 2017

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This past year I've been lucky enough to take Kitchn readers on the road. We've traveled to destinations mostly near and some far; we've peeked into locals' kitchens and picked their brains on the very best places to eat, drink, and shop; and we've filled our bellies with classic dishes and our bags with edible souvenirs.

It's been one delicious ride, and I can't think of any better way to look back on 2017 than with our most popular travel recipes. From the "best" key lime pie to Monday night rice and beans, these are the dishes that had you guys clicking.

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10. The Best Key Lime Pie

One writer ate a lot of key lime pie on her quest to discover the very best. She ate it as pie and on sticks. She tried it in jars and covered in syrup. She tried it with meringue and without. She ate it outside and inside. She even tried a gluten-free version. She ate it every which way, and this is the recipe that stole her stomach.

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9. Cornbread Pancakes with Strawberry Compote

What do you get when you cross cornbread with pancakes? You'll have to try this recipe to find out, but we can promise it delivers — especially if you top it with strawberry compote, butter, and plenty of maple syrup.

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8. How To Make Japanese Soy Sauce Eggs

Shoyu eggs, or Japanese soy sauce eggs, are traditionally used as a garnish for ramen. But you're missing out if that's the only time to eat these umami bombs. Make a batch and snack on them whenever. We especially like them on grain bowls or to give our morning porridge some additional heft.

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7. Jersey Salad

This salad (which comes from Seattle, but is an homage to New Jersey) is the antithesis of the trendy. There's definitely no kale involved. It's basically the salad that you get at your neighborhood Italian joint and it's perfect: lettuce, carrots, cabbage, croutons, and a vinegar-forward dressing.

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6. The Greyhound

Everyone, and I mean everyone, can make a Greyhound. This simple drink, the signature cocktail at Oakland's Cafe van Cleef, is just grapefruit juice and vodka or gin. That's it; no garnishes or special flourishes. So make sure you go for the good grapefruit juice.

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5. Salmon Rillettes

In search of the perfect edible hostess gift? We suggest salmon rillettes, a mash-up of hot and cold salmon, butter, shallots, and herbs that tastes heavenly when spread on crusty baguettes (or just eaten by the spoonful out of the jar).

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4. White Port and Tonic

When I visited Lisbon this summer, this two-ingredient Portuguese drink was everywhere — at fancy restaurants, casual cafes, and the many kiosks (or quiosques) that offer nibbles and refreshment at various parks, tourist attractions, and random street corners throughout the city. It goes with just about everything (or on its own), and it's dead simple to make.

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3. Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Chickpeas, Feta & Herbs

You know how we said the Jersey salad was the antithesis of the trendy salad? This salad, inspired by the one on the menu at Central Provisions in Portland, Maine, on the other hand, is the apotheosis of the trendy salad. It is also perfect — although not that simple. But still totally worth it.

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2. How To Make Red Beans & Rice in an Electric Pressure Cooker

During the days before washing machines (or slow cookers), red beans and rice was a dish you could let simmer all day while you tended to the laundry. In case you don't have all day, we've adapted the recipe for your electric pressure cooker so you can enjoy this New Orleans tradition on even the most harried of Monday nights.

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1. Moist and Cakey Banana Bread

This banana bread is a family recipe, but I've included it in our travel recipe roundup because it helped one writer when she moved across the pond to England with her brand-new husband. It was the key to making her new apartment (or flat!) feel like home and also to making friends at work. You guys also really, really love it — and we do, too!

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