The 10 Most Outrageous Macarons We Found on Pinterest

published Jul 6, 2016
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(Image credit: Studio DIY!)

Even the simplest macaron is often too pretty to eat. The French treat — made up of two meringue-based cookies sandwiched together with an array of fillings like ganache, fruit curd, buttercream, or jam — always feels like a luxury. If you’ve ever attempted to make macarons yourself, you know they can take all afternoon to create.

But head to Pinterest and you’ll find macarons that look more like little masterpieces. You’ll be blown away by what talented bakers and bloggers are inventing.

Trust me: I had to pull myself away after too many wasted minutes of scrolling and scrolling. Here’s just a sampling of some of the most impressive macarons on Pinterest. Whether you’re looking to take your macaron-making to the next level or you just want to be seriously wowed, here are a few of our favorite discoveries.

(Image credit: My Busy Spatula)

1. Cereal Macarons with Cereal Milk Frosting from The Busy Spatula

Inspired by kid-approved cereals like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms, consider this all the permission you need to eat macarons for breakfast.

(Image credit: Studio DIY!)

2. DIY Emoji Macarons from Studio DIY!

Emojis step out of the phone screen and onto your plate in these fun, extra-animated lemon macarons.

(Image credit: Sugar & Cloth)

3. DIY Marbled Macarons from Sugar & Cloth

Made by dipping the tops in colored whipped cream, these watercolor-inspired macarons are almost too pretty to eat.

(Image credit: Raspberri Cupcakes)

4. Cookie Monster Macarons from Raspberri Cupcakes

How can this little macaron not put a smile on your face? Plus, there’s a bonus dessert in the form of that chocolate chip cookie that Cookie Monster is munching on.

(Image credit: Foodiggity)

5. Cactus Macaron from Foodiggity

Made by NYC-based pastry chef Ayako Kurokawa this cactus macaron is more of a beautiful composed dessert than a two-bite treat.

(Image credit: Bakers Royale)

6. Hand-Painted Macarons from Bakers Royale

You might not think what’s inside these little works of art matters, but it does when delicate and floral white tea flavors the filling and the meringue of these tasty macarons.

(Image credit: Thirsty for Tea)

7. Smoked Salmon Macarons from Thirsty for Tea

Who says macarons have to be sweet? This fun twist turns them savory with a smoked salmon mousse filling and herb-dusted meringue shells.

(Image credit: Raspberri Cupcakes)

8. Blueberry Elephant Macarons from Raspberri Cupcakes

Because they’re elephants and purple and incredibly adorable.

(Image credit: Sugar & Cloth)

9. Brunch Macarons from Sugar & Cloth

A whole brunch spread in a dozen macarons — waffles, eggs, donuts, and even grilled ham.

(Image credit: The Beach House Kitchen)

10. Strawberry Shortcake Macarons from The Beach House Kitchen

These two-bite versions of classic strawberry shortcake might just be even better than the original.