The 10 Most Important Dessert Drips on Pinterest

(Image credit: Yammie’s Noshery)

If you’ve spent any time perusing recipes on Pinterest you are familiar with the dessert drip. You know what I’m taking about – those recipes that involve some kind of caramel 0r fudge or jam that drips down the side of brownies or cookies. It might look a little messy, but it only signifies pure decadence.

To honor the iconic drip, I’ve rounded up the 10 most important examples you might come across on Pinterest. From the subtle brownie drip, to multiple drips covering a glass – let’s take a second to appreciate the dessert drip.

1. The Mug Drip

When there’s a few strands of caramel or fudge that drip down the side of a mug. This is most often associated with mug cakes.

(Image credit: Good Dinner Mom)

2. The Subtle Cascade

This drip is not as obvious as the other drips. It’s small and purposeful.

(Image credit: A Cup of Jo)

3. The Drip Pool

This is a fatter drip than the other drips – some might not even consider it a full-on drip (but it is). It’s usually more liquid than other drips and ends up as a pool of sugary stuff.

(Image credit: A Night Owl Blog)

4. The Cold Drip

This drip is specifically for cold beverages. It’s very popular for homemade frappuccinos. Not to be confused with the mug drip.

(Image credit: Willow Bird Baking )

5. The No-Holding-Back Drip

This is the all-out drip. It doesn’t hold back – it comes at you from all angles. The entire dessert is basically one giant drip.

(Image credit: Host the Toast)

6. The Unusable Glass

These drips totally encompass the dessert glass, making the idea of holding the glass totally impossible. This is not a very cool drip.

(Image credit: Seasons and Suppers)

7. The Overflow

This is the most common dessert drip. It’s when the dessert can’t handle the amount of liquid-y caramel, fudge, or sugary stuff on it, and thus it overflows onto another surface.

(Image credit: Sally’s Baking Addiction)

8. The Small and Sticky

This is usually a single, small drip that is the hero of the dessert.

(Image credit: Serena Bakes Simply)

9. The Overhead Drip

This dessert drip comes from above, literally. It’s the photo where someone is pouring something above the dessert. It’s a very popular drip.

(Image credit: Running to the Kitchen)

10. The Gooey Drip

This is a thicker drip, similar to the pool drip. It’s often associated with yogurt, cream, or peanut butter.