The 10 Best Stocking Stuffers to Pick Up at IKEA

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Where else can you go to buy a sofa, Scandinavian salty licorice, a bunch of plush toys, and enough spare towels to take care of all your holiday guests? IKEA is actually the perfect place to shop for stocking stuffers. A Billy bookcase might not fit in a stocking, but some of the smaller items will. These things make fabulous stocking stuffers — and they’re all wildly inexpensive!

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  1. GODIS LAKRITS Sweet and Salty Licorice, $2 for 5 ounces: Sweden’s licorice is famous, and IKEA has the real stuff. It’s salty and sour and bitter, with a bit of burnt-caramel sweetness. Warn the recipient to be ready for the first few tastes to seem weird and unpleasant, but that feeling will develop over time into an abiding love.
  2. KAFFEREP Cookies, $1.50: Stockings are made to be stuffed with sweets. Try these traditional butter cookies with raspberry jam filling. They’re sweet and crumbly and go perfectly with tea.
  3. PRODUKT Milk Frother, $3: This is great for frothing milk for cappuccinos, chai, matcha lattes, and other drinks. It’s also fantastic for frothing up egg whites for cocktails without having to put them in a shaker and shake for what feels like 20 years.
  4. LJUDLÖS Tea Infuser, $3: Get this for your favorite person deserving of tea for one. She just has to fill the infuser with loose-leaf tea, then hook it over the edge of the mug while she lets it steep. It’s a lot easier to clean than a tea ball, and it gives the leaves more room to expand and float, which makes for a better flavor. The cap even fits underneath so she’ll have a place to store the wet infuser after she takes it out.
  5. DRYCK FLÄDER Elderflower Syrup, $5 for 16 ounces: Elderflower is going to be one of the trendiest flavors of 2018. This can be used for making cocktails, jam, smoothies, and juice. Or it can be mixed with seltzer for a non-alcoholic beverage, or into lemonade. There really isn’t much this can’t be added to.
  6. ALLMÄNNING Coffee Grinder, $13: Just press on the lid to get this easy-to-use grinder to work. You can even see right through the lid, so you know how the grind is going.
  7. SYLT LINGON, $4 for 14 ounces: IKEA has tons of beautiful organic jams to choose from — the orange and elderflower marmalade is another great one — but clearly the obvious choice is their signature lingonberry option. It’s good on meatballs, turkey, Swedish pancakes, ice cream, buttered toast, Greek yogurt, and more. Here are a few good ways to use lingonberry jam.
  8. SMÅBIT Knife and Peeler, $6: This knife set is smaller than average, and designed to be safer for kids who are starting to get into cooking on their own. The knife has a rounded tip, to prevent injuries, and both are designed to be easy for kids to grip, so they’re less likely to slip. IKEA recommends them for kids ages 8 and older.
  9. UTSPÄDD Ice Pop Maker, $4 for four: Get this set for kids or treat-loving adults. Then, they just have to fill the molds with juice and pop it in the freezer. The best part? They’re practically mess-free when it’s time to eat.
  10. VINTER Apron, $8: Roll this cotton apron up and it should fit in the tall part of any stocking. If it doesn’t, you should buy your loved one a bigger stocking while you’re at it.

What stocking stuffers will you be picking up from IKEA this year?