How Many of These Lemony Treats Have You Tried?

updated Jun 4, 2019
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Some people like lemons. And then there are those who really like lemons — as in, they’re total lemonheads and like to suck on lemon slices as if they’re oranges. Is that you? We’ll assume yes. You wouldn’t have clicked on this story if it wasn’t!

With that settled, we’d like to know how many of these lemon treats you’ve had before. Take a look! And then start making plans to try the ones that are new to you.

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  1. Lemon LaCroix, $21 for 24 (12-ounce) cans: We’ll start off this list with a simple item that we’re guessing you’ve all had at some point in your life. It’s seltzer — with a hint of lemon — and it’s literally the beverage that fuels our entire office.
  2. All Natural Lemon Drops, $10 for a 10-ounce tin at Hammond’s Candies: Pucker up! These all-natural candies are made without artificial colors or flavors, so you won’t feel sour about them later.
  3. Carr’s Ginger Lemon Creme, $3.50 for a 7.05-ounce box: A sandwich cookie almost always beats out a regular cookie — especially in this case, when the cookie is a crispy ginger snap cookie and the filling is a smooth lemon creme.
  4. Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka, $18 for a 750-ml bottle at Liquorama: Handcrafted in Texas, this vodka is mixed with real lemon juice and offers a zippy flavor that’s sure to pop in a seltzer or an iced tea.
  5. Chili Lemon Pistachios, $13 for a one-pound bag at Nuts: You always hear of chili lime, but there’s a better citrus pairing if you ask us. These bold nuts make a strong case for our argument.
  6. Lemon Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt, $12 for a pint at Jeni’s: Made with fresh lemon juice, cultured buttermilk, and organic yogurt, this frozen treat is indulgent and refreshing at the same time.
  7. Lemon Pear Marmalade, $8 for a 13-ounce jar at Stonewall Kitchen: Goodbye, strawberries and raspberries! This marmalade features sweet pears and tart lemon rinds to create a zesty topping for scones, biscuits, or even meaty dinners.
  8. Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Cool Lemon, $3 for a 3.24-ounce container: Try this lemon gum and you’ll never want that lame minty stuff ever again.
  9. Lemon Noosa, $2.50 for an 8-ounce container at Jet: It’s yogurt — and also kinda dessert! Each tub includes a silky, tart layer of lemon curd at the bottom.
  10. Lemon Buttermilk Quickbread with Lemon Glaze, $12 at Sur La Table: Okay, so you have to actually make this (versus just pulling it out of the box), but it’ll be worth the effort. Make it now and enjoy it for breakfast, an afternoon treat, or as a midnight snack.

So, how many have you tried? And what other lemon-centric foods are you obsessed with?