Thanksgiving Treat: Blessings Snack Mix

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We came across this lovely little idea for Thanksgiving while we were researching homemade hostess gifts. This is a snack mix designed just for Thanksgiving, with each little treat symbolizing a different aspect of the Thanksgiving holiday.

The dried fruit, for instance, symbolizes the bounty of the land, while M&Ms symbolize memories of those who have gone before us. Candy corn and popcorn stand in for the Pilgrims, and Bugle snacks look like a cornucopia.

We really love this idea. Little bags of this snack mix could be a fun yet meaningful activity for kids on Thanksgiving, assembling each bag together and talking through the real meaning of the holiday. Thanksgiving represents such a great opportunity to talk about history and gratitude to those in the past who have made our own lives better, as well as the farmers who gave us the food we eat today.

We might switch up the mix a bit — perhaps put in more symbols and mentions of the Native Americans and First Nations and their histories?

What would you put in a Thanksgiving mix like this? It seems like a fun “favor” or treat for guests and a genuine opportunity to teach kids on Thanksgiving. If you want to make it yourself, you can also download a printable label for it over at Blonde Designs Blog, where we found this idea.

Blessings Mix at Blonde Designs Blog

(Images: Blonde Designs Blog)