Thanksgiving Stuffing: Stuff a Vegetable Instead

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Yesterday I asked for your best stuffing (errr – make that dressing) recipes and tips, and a ton of advice, suggestions, full recipes, and very opinionated discussion ensued. Thank you – I am going to use several of your great tips.

There is one other piece of advice that I received by email as well, and it involves a cabbage. Read on for this very interesting advice plus the origin of the stuffed squash above.

Reader Heather wrote in with this piece of advice.

I’m Canadian so our Thanksgiving is long past but I love your site and thought I’d pass along this tip for any readers who may not know it. I share it whenever I can because it has made my holiday meals better for years!

I LOVE stuffing but as a small family we always have a smaller turkey and there’s only so much stuffing that can fit inside, so my tip is this: Add a head of cabbage to the grocery list, make a big batch, stuff what you can, and then line a casserole dish (bottom and sides) [with cabbage], fill with extra stuffing, and then more cabbage on top, put on lid or foil, and cook for 2/3 or 1/2 the cooking time of the turkey. I sometimes add a little basting liquid now and then when I am checking the bird too.

It will steam like a cabbage roll but doesn’t get a cabbage taste. And then just unwrap and discard cabbage. No one can ever tell what was in bird and what wasn’t.

Fascinating! Has anyone ever tried this?

Along those same lines we also like the look of this stuffed acorn squash. We love acorn squash dearly, so the thought of combining it with bread dressing makes us drool. The photo is from Flickr, and you can find the full recipe here:

Have you ever baked dressing inside a vegetable?