Thanksgiving Is Coming! What Are Your Plans?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thanksgiving is on its way! Are you excited for this most-major of food holidays? Are you hosting this year? Or visiting? And what will you be cooking? We’re throwing the doors wide open for suggestions, good ideas, and requests — we are about to bring you lots and lots of Thanksgiving inspiration, but we’d like to hear from you first! What do you need, this Thanksgiving season?

I personally am hosting a crowd of 12 this Thanksgiving, and I am looking forward to setting a pretty table, and cooking lots of delicious things. I am shamelessly and gladly outsourcing the turkey, though; I am buying a smoked free-range turkey from the pit-masters at a BBQ food truck down the street. This leaves me more time to focus on what really counts: The stuffing, the gravy, and the pies!

We’ve got lots of Thanksgiving inspiration coming up: A gravy tutorial, decor and tablesetting inspiration, and plenty of recipes of course.

What would you like to see, and what are you planning for Thanksgiving? Tell us what you’re cooking up!

(Image: Via reader Gaia)