Thanksgiving in Space Doesn’t Look Very Good

(Image credit: NASA)

As you’re prepping and cooking during the next two days, I urge you to think outside yourself and your own holiday traditions. No, I mean way farther than that that — all the way to outer space. Yes, this year astronauts will be enjoying a full Thanksgiving meal, but it doesn’t look entirely appetizing.

In the video above from the Wall Street Journal, Shane Kimbrough, a NASA astronaut, walks the viewer through what he plans on making for Thanksgiving. The guests for the Big Meal include himself, Peggy Whitson, one French astronaut, and three cosmonauts. Sounds like a fun crew, huh?

The first thing Kimbrough describes for the Thanksgiving feast is the turkey, which he says is “going to be in a pouch, and we’ll heat this up, and it will taste real good just like you’re having at home.” Yeah, I totally believe that. Kimbrough also describes the dehydrated sides — like mashed potatoes and cornbread dressing — as “making the Thanksgiving meal that much more special.” Uh huh, I’m sure.

I will say that although it’s pretty neat that you can enjoy an entire Thanksgiving meal (including pie!) in space, I’m sure glad that I won’t be indulging in rehydrated mashed potatoes this year.