Welcome to Thanksgiving Food Fest

This year, five star cooks shared five fascinating and delicious Thanksgiving menus. Watch them all here, and get the recipes below!

Dorie Greenspan's French-Inspired Thanksgiving


Jesse Szewczyk

Studio Food Editor

Dorie Greenspan's French-Inspired Thanksgiving

I’ve been a part-time Parisian for almost 25 years. The way I think about food and having people at my home is influenced by having spent time in France.
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Shanika Graham-White's Plant-Based Thanksgiving

Shanika Graham-White's Plant-Based Thanksgiving

I saw there were a lot of people like me who didn’t want to box themselves into a diet, but wanted to eat healthier. I develop my recipes with my community in mind.

Plant Party

Using vibrant colors and her signature bold flavors, Shanika pulls together a vegan celebration that comforts and delights.

Alexander Smalls' Southern Thanksgiving


Nicole Rufus

Assistant Food Editor

Alexander Smalls' Southern Thanksgiving

Serving a great Thanksgiving is very much like making music. It’s a symphonic piece. You have all these moving parts come together and work as an ensemble.

A Trip Down South

Alexander’s Low Country roots shine beautifully throughout his feast, which pays homage to his childhood and the African diaspora.

TJ Lee's Hot Pot Friendsgiving


Patty Lee

Executive Editor

TJ Lee's Hot Pot Friendsgiving

Hosting is important for me, especially because it’s a way to tell my friends, ‘I love you. There’s always a place for you in my home.’
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Coming Together

TJ’s favorite Friendsgiving tradition? Throwing a hot pot party — an interactive, shareable meal that transports her guests to Taiwan.

Thanksgiving Prep School

A Friendsgiving Tabletop

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Yasmin Fahr's New Classic Thanksgiving

Yasmin Fahr's New Classic Thanksgiving

For me, Thanksgiving is about community and bonding. It's the bringing of people together — friends or family or even strangers — to gather around food and drink.
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