Thanksgiving Dishes I Can Prepare Ahead and Freeze?

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Q: My partner and I will be out of the country the days immediately before Thanksgiving (on different trips). He gets back the day before and I get back the day of. It will be our first solo Thanksgiving together so I’d hate to miss out on the holiday completely.

Do you or any of your readers have any thoughts on traditional dishes to prepare about a week before Thanksgiving that will keep well in the freezer until the big day?

Sent by Virginia-Marie

Editor: Virginia-Marie, here are a few suggestions on things to make ahead and freeze:

• Turkey gravy (look for a tutorial on this early next week)
• Pie crusts
• Unbaked rolls or biscuits
• Baked casseroles or creamy gratins
• Stuffing

But most of the other major Thanksgiving dishes can actually be made very quickly and easily! Since there are just two of you, I suggest roasting a small chicken (here’s how to do it), and then boiling a couple potatoes and quickly mashing them. Then you’ll have a bird, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, gravy, and pies. Maybe throw a salad in too, for good measure, and a baked sweet potato.

Readers, any suggestions for Virginia-Marie and her small, cozy Thanksgiving dinner?